Charter For
Public Education in Ontario


Ontarians have a right to high-quality, publicly-funded education that is universally accessible and supports diversity, equity, and fairness. The focus of such a system must be to provide students with skills, knowledge, and values that promote a love of learning and enable them to grow as active contributors to Canada’s civic, social, and economic well-being. Resources, both financial and human, must be dedicated to supporting: Universality—access for all; Comprehensiveness—opportunity for all; Proficiency—achievement for all; and Accountability—value for all. This is best achieved through a single, secular school system for each official language.


As signatories to this Charter:


To acknowledge that students are at the heart of our public education system

To support the creation of a single, secular school system for each official language

To respect students’ and their families’ beliefs while recognizing that publicly-funded education is open to everyone and does not favour one religion or denomination over another

To recognize that each student may have a unique set of needs to support their educational experience, which may include emotional, social, cultural, physical, and intellectual needs

To foster an equitable public education system that is accessible for all students, from early years through adulthood

To foster a learning environment that is safe, respectful, and free from discrimination at any level so that all students can develop a strong sense of life-long learning that embraces their individual emotional, social, cultural, physical, and intellectual needs



That the government will merge the four publicly-funded education systems into one secular system for each official language

That the government will ensure, both before and after this merger, that no public funding will be spent in competition between school boards to recruit students

That any financial savings generated through the elimination of competition and unnecessary duplication will be dedicated to strengthening Ontario’s publicly-funded education system

That the public education system is open to all people living in Ontario and access to public education is equitable regardless of geographic location or socio-economic status

That a strong level of local school board governance be maintained and be accessible to the entire community

I support the goals and principles of the
above Charter for Public Education in Ontario.

Charter for Education in Ontario supporters:

Aaron Liscum

Abbey Smith

Adam Foote

Adam Haalboom

Adrienne Dandy

Adrienne Edwards1

Aikaterini Vassilakos


Alan Newson

Alastair Matoo Wehner

Alexander Brown

Alexandra Irvin

Alexandra Petersen

Alexis Campbell

Alexis Pace

ALF Wirth

Ali Mohamed

Alia Smyth

Alice Sikma

Alison Armstrong

Alison Bell

Alison Laidlaw

Alison Lynch

Alison Murray

Alison Neufeld

Alistair MacKenzie

Allan Grant

Allison Cleary

Allison Hill

Allison Johnston

Allison Kirkpatrick

Allison Pezzack

Alysha Bayes

Alyssa Gilbert

Amanda Desjardins

Amanda Elminowski

Amanda Springer

Amrish Sharma

Amy Duckworth

Amy Proulx

Amy Umrysh

Amylee Patterson

Andre Dumais

Andrea Boston

Andrea Johnson

Andrea Loken

Andrew Bryan

Andrew Collop

Andrew Schneider

Andrew Seidel

Andrew Shaw

Andrew Wachner

Angela Milley

Angie Cameron

Anita Rotheram

Ann Wiebe



Anna Vanden Kroonenberg

Annalise Stenekes

Anne Folland

ANne Hughes

Anne M. Woods

Anne Presley

Anne-Marie Longpre

Annick MacAskill

Anthony Fisher

Anthony Marco

Anthony Viola, Jr.

Anwar Hussain

Ardith Boyne

Arlene Gehring

Armand Gosselin

Art Hilson

Art Jaszczyk

Arwyn Carpenter

Ashley Janzen

Ashley Theysen

Ashley Whittington

Asiya Rolston

Audrey O'Hearn

Avril H. Burns

Barb Kucherka


Barbara Lajeunesse

Barbara McSkimming

Barbara Muller

Barbara Patriquin

Barbara samson

Barbara Yeo

Barry Kendall

Barry Mager

Barry McLarnon

Barry Smith

Ben Williams

Benson honig

Bern Hodgins

Bert Seeliger

Beth Stinson

beth suraski

Betsy Rothwell

Betty Anne Nolan

Betty Wilson

Bev Carmichael

Blair Niblett

Blair Vowles

Bonnie Kriz

Bonnie Radmore

Brad Bennett

Brandie Drehmer

Brenda and Jim Davies

Brenda MacKay

Brenda Wilson

Brent Boisvenue

brian and evelyn babineau

Brian Grant

Brian Greig

Brian Harriman

Brian Howard

Brian MacIsaac

Brianne Garde


Brooke Carfagnini

Bryce Conway

Cairin Nelson

Cameron Hathaway

Caresse Johnston

Carla Waites

Carly schlieman


Carol A. Peterson

Carol Edwards

carol keith

Carol Raymond

Carol visentin

Carole Condé and Karl Beveridge

caroline pearcey

Carolyn McGuire

Carri-Ann Scott

Carrie Adams

Carrie Martinez

Cassandra manning

Catherine and Gordon Reidt

Catherine Gray

Catherine Holliday

Catherine Miller

Catherine Prickett

Catherine Smith

Cathy Berry

Cathy Jo Thom

Cathy Rubocki

Cathy Schrader

Celia Piper

Chantal Mancini

Chantelle Leslie

Charles Henderson

Charles Voth

Charlies Christie

charlotte barr

Charlotte Harrison


Chelsey Karemangingo

Cheryl Barbour

Cheryl Hendricken

Cheryl Lomas-Picketts

Cheryl Silen

Cheryl Szebedinszky

Chris Davis

Chris Hoffman

Chris McEwan

chris vardy

Chris Watson

Chrissy Clark

Christie Kivisto

Christina Renaud

Christina Vallee


Christine Pothier

Christine Raby

Christine Stewart

Christine Werner

Christopher Cowan

Christopher Morris-Page

Christos Ioannidis

Cindy deBree

Cindy Dubue

Cindy MacKenzie

Claire Lewis

Claire Taylor

Clare Cribb

Claudia Burt

Coleen Spence

Colin Pinch

Colleen Good

Colleen Mycroft

Conny McCarthy

Cora Barak

Corry Prinsen

Courtney Merner

Craig Andrews

Craig Beckett

Craig Beckett

Cynthia MacRae

Cynthia Surette

D. Steven Wright

Daleann Brinkman

Dan Earle

Dan Knezevic

Dan Patch

Daniel Allen

Daniel Cayen

Daniel Knight

Daniel McLean

Daniel Pike

Danielle Harder

Darko Jaksic

Darlene Carnochan-Williams

darlene gray

Darlene Heaslip

Darlene Hunking

Darryl Newbury

Dave Barrowclough

Dave Brown

Dave Rodger

Dave Whale

David Cheuy

David Conboy

David Fowler

David G Anderson

David hayward

David Johnson

David Mundy

David Ossea

David Palmer

David Stibbe

David Tosh

Dean Shewring

Deanna Morrison

Deanne Eckert

Deb Mayne

Deb Rosnow

Debbie Coughlin

Debbie Thom


Deborah Jamieson

Deborah Long

Deborah Staples

Delora Skelton

Denise Dominy

Derek Beland

Derek Heffernan

Derek Laidlaw

Derik Chica

Desty Agla

Diana Mostoway

Diana Sernick

Diane Ryan

Diane Sackfield

Dianna K. Goneau Inkster B.A.(ed.), B.A. {MUN], MLS {U of T}

Dianne Millar

Domenic Bellissimo

Donica LeBlanc

Donna Fraser

Donna McKinnon

Donna Scott

Donna Wells

Donnadale Smith

Doreen Andrews

Doris Tirschmann


Doug Little

Doug Reay

Doug Wilkey

Douglas Duguid

Douglas Janack

Douglas Kinzie

Douglas Reid

Dr. Robert V. d'Amato

Drew Garvie

Duncan MacDonald

Earl A Cousins

Earl Burt

Edith Woodbridge

Edward Emmons

Edward Hiseler

Elaine Fairhurst

Elaine Jenkins

Elaine Mailloux


Elisabeth Shoemaker

Elizabeth Brown

Elizabeth Marshall

Elizabeth Trivett

Elizabeth Wennick

Ellen Marshall

Elliot Greenberg

Emily B.

Emily Crew

Emily Jager

Eric Lootsma

Erik Leach

Erin Crawford

Erin Gibson

Erin Karel

Erin McLean

Erin Reynolds

Erin Roy

Erin Zipes


Evan freeman

Faith Allingham

Faiza Hirji

Faruk Ekich

Fran Stronach

Frank Pianka

Fred Helleiner

Gabrielle Neveu

Gaelle martin-cocher

Gail Everall

Gardner West-Bound

Garry and Carol Scott

Gary Fenn

Gary Hurtubise

Gary Serviss

Gary Wreford

Geoff Kneen


Gil Boyce

Gillian McCallum

Gillian Wood

Gisele Pritchard

Glen McMillan

Glenn Hooker

Glenn Murray

Gord Lemon

Gordon Doctorow, Ed.D.

Graham Leitch

Greg saunders

Guylaine Tremblay

Haider Saeed

Halle Halle

Hannah Selkirk

Harvey Bischof

Heather Bamford

Heather Dawe

Heather Purdy

Helen White

Helga Lange

Hilary Fletcher

Homer Grant

Hope Chambers

Hugh Mallon

Ian Colby

Ian Eskritt

Ian Fisher

Ian Green

Ian McSkimming

Inntol Erant

Irene and Nicholas Miculia

Irene Gibbins

isabelle Mills

Isabelle T

Ivan Smith

J Michael Essex

J. Brosel

Jacki McPherson

Jaclyn walc

Jaden Lairson

Jaine thompson


James A Taggart

James Clyke

James Hawken

James Hutchinson

James Irwin

James McBride

James Troisi

James Zylstra

Jamie Baby

Jamie Nichols

Jan Taylor

Jane Kelly

Jane Lightle

Jane Stokes

Janelle Wiebe

Janet Goddard

Janet Johnston

Janet Maxwell

Janet Tallon

Janet Wood

Janice Alexander

Janice Curtis

Janice Herwig

Janice Reese

Janice Saunders

Jarod Milko

Jean Rivers

Jean-François Millaire

Jeff Clark

Jeff Davison

Jeff Gardner

Jeff Orchard

Jeff Prentice

Jeffrey Barber

Jeffrey Crooke

Jen Miller

Jenn Ball

Jenna Payne

Jennifer Filipowicz

Jennifer Hancharuk

Jennifer Hendry

Jennifer Kershaw

Jennifer Lawson

Jennifer MacLachlan

Jennifer McGilchrist

Jennifer Mcphee

Jennifer Ojalammi

Jennifer Paradis

Jennifer Phillips Alaan

Jennifer Pirri

Jennifer Rossides

Jennifer Ruttle

Jennifer Stillman

Jennifer Wroe

Jennifer Young

Jeremy Riddell

jerry behnke

Jessica Andrews

Jessica Burnie

Jessica McShane

Jessie Payne


Jim Atkinson

Jim McCutcheon

Jim Webb

JJ Cornick

Jo Dean

Joan Jolliffe

Joan Porter

Joan Vsetula

Joanne Duckworth

Joanne M. Taggart

Joanne Spence

jodi Price

jodi Price

Jodie Schnurr

Joe Canhoto

Joe Hirschegger

Joerg and Terry Bergelt

John A White

John Aerts

John Baumann

John Bourret

John Byers

john Dimitriadis

John Fair

John Friedrichsen

John Gibson

John Mac Nicol

John MacPherson

John Mark Robertson

John Musselman

John Rafferty

john smees

José Gillespie

Joseph Jaroszek

Josh Bishop

Joslyn Biggins

Joyce Dej

Judith Atyeo

Judy Gerber van Vliet

Judy Jakusz

Judy Krol

Judy Mason

Jukie Soule

June Archibald

Justin Connidis

Kael Sharman


Kamala Sivasankaran

Karen Dodds

Karen J

Karen Murray

Karen Walkey

Karolynn Lacroix

Karrilyn McPhee


Kate Boyer

Kate Mukherji

Kate Simpson

Katherine McHughen

Kathi Poupard

Kathleen Andrews

Kathleen LeBreton

Kathleen Paterson

Kathleen Ruck

Kathleen St.Croix

Kathryn joaquim

Kathryn McCready

Kathryn Payne

Kathryn Stinson

Kathy Deguns

Kathy Quilty

kathy scott

Kati Smith

Katrina Elchami

Kayo Murakami

Keith Armour

Keith E Paridy

Keith Prentice

Kelly baetz

Kelly Morris

Ken Brownlee

Ken Durkacz

Kendra Butcher

Kerri Grummett

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Kim Beauparlant

Kim Hynes

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Kimberly Harney

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Kira Harris

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Kristin Andrews

Kristina Bogle

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Louise Reid

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