There’s something we need to talk about…

Cartoon bubble: Why does Ontario have four different school systems?
Cartoon bubble: Having a school system for just one religion doesn’t seem right any more.
Cartoon bubble: Other provinces have merged their school systems.
Cartoon bubble: It can't be a good use of funds.
Cartoon bubble: That’s a lot of bureaucracy and duplication we could do without.
cartoon bubble: We should have an open conversation about streamlining our system and using the savings to make all schools better.

There's something we need to talk about

The majority of Ontarians agree that it’s time to merge our four school systems into one public, secular school system in each official language. Here’s why they feel that way.

All Ontario taxpayers pay for public education in this province and yet we have two school systems that are only for students of one religion. In this day and age, that just doesn’t seem right. There might have been a time when having English and French Catholic school systems made sense, but not in today’s multi-cultural Ontario.

This isn’t about religion or about politics. It’s about what’s best for our children. It’s been estimated that merging into one public, secular school system in each official language would save up to a billion dollars a year. We’d have a lot less bureaucracy and no duplication of services.

Best of all, the money saved would go a long way to making all our schools so much better.

With declining enrollment across Ontario, aging schools and budget cutbacks, it’s time to start an open conversation about the reasons for one public system in each official language. Other provinces have made the change and seen the benefits. Now it’s Ontario’s turn.

Talk to your MPP

Enter your postal code to send this message to your MPP. It encourages them to create an all-party task force to look into the pros and cons of moving to one public, secular school system for each official language. A task force doesn’t commit Ontario to making any changes but it will reveal whether one system will be better for students, and that’s really what this is all about.


Your email will go to your MPP with copies to Premier Doug Ford, Education Minister Lisa Thompson, and the One Public System team.

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