Charter For
Public Education in Ontario


Ontarians have a right to high-quality, publicly-funded education that is universally accessible and supports diversity, equity, and fairness. The focus of such a system must be to provide students with skills, knowledge, and values that promote a love of learning and enable them to grow as active contributors to Canada’s civic, social, and economic well-being. Resources, both financial and human, must be dedicated to supporting: Universality—access for all; Comprehensiveness—opportunity for all; Proficiency—achievement for all; and Accountability—value for all. This is best achieved through a single, secular school system for each official language.


As signatories to this Charter:


To acknowledge that students are at the heart of our public education system

To support the creation of a single, secular school system for each official language

To respect students’ and their families’ beliefs while recognizing that publicly-funded education is open to everyone and does not favour one religion or denomination over another

To recognize that each student may have a unique set of needs to support their educational experience, which may include emotional, social, cultural, physical, and intellectual needs

To foster an equitable public education system that is accessible for all students, from early years through adulthood

To foster a learning environment that is safe, respectful, and free from discrimination at any level so that all students can develop a strong sense of life-long learning that embraces their individual emotional, social, cultural, physical, and intellectual needs



That the government will merge the four publicly-funded education systems into one secular system for each official language

That the government will ensure, both before and after this merger, that no public funding will be spent in competition between school boards to recruit students

That any financial savings generated through the elimination of competition and unnecessary duplication will be dedicated to strengthening Ontario’s publicly-funded education system

That the public education system is open to all people living in Ontario and access to public education is equitable regardless of geographic location or socio-economic status

That a strong level of local school board governance be maintained and be accessible to the entire community

I support the goals and principles of the
above Charter for Public Education in Ontario.

Charter for Education in Ontario supporters:

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